Thanks for Nothing

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  • Funker Vogt Thanks For Nothing (Controlled Fusion Mix)
  • Cobalt 60 You Are
  • Mesh Crisis
  • Killing Joke The Hum
  • Die Krupps The Machineries Of Joy
  • Front 242 Work 242
  • God Module The Ones We Love (The Parallel Project Mix)
  • D.A.F. Kebabträume
  • Covenant Afterhours
  • Depeche Mode Fly On The Windscreen (Final)
  • Einstürzende Neubauten Querulanten
  • Front 242 Least Inkling
  • Nitzer Ebb Godhead

[myyoutubeplaylist VWcqTyNqYGg, d4CQeyfFtGw, SVNfqN2dupI, DNk6QrLZdd0, xCFZBYyNGeM, LRtQ1zuz0ts]

Lyssna på låtarna i Spotify.

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