Bäst i mars 2017

  • Henrik Berggren ”To My Brother, Johnny”
  • Boeoes Kaelstigen ”Remember (Finale)” feat. Name the Pet
  • Kite ”Demons & Shame”
  • MCC [Magna Carta Cartel] ”Sway”
  • Blanck Mass ”Rhesus Negative”
  • Shpongle ”Divine Moments of Truth” (Astrix, Loud & L.S.D Remix)
  • Moto Boy ”Hinter meinen Augenlidern” feat. GRAU
  • Banco De Gaia ”91” feat. Sophie Barker
  • Fixmer/McCarthy ”Chemicals” (Original Mix)
  • Jacques Greene ”To Say”
  • Fronda ”811103”
  • Coldcut ”Divide and Rule” feat. On-U Sound, Lee ”Scratch” Perry, Junior Reid, Elan, Adrian Sherwood
  • AV AV AV ”About You”
  • Ossler ”Helsingborg” feat. Slowgold
  • Deadbeat ”Rise Again”
  • Texas ”Tell That Girl”
  • White Hills ”Attack Mode”

Botanical Dimensions

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  • Cabaret Voltaire Project 80 (Extract 1)
  • Biosphere Botanical Dimensions
  • The Orb Close Encounters
  • Spacetime Continuum Speaking in Tongues
  • M-Seven Humanizing The Machine
  • Entheogenic Spaced (Shulman Remix)
  • Aphex Twin Tha
  • Steve Roach Karavan
  • Aes Dana Oxyd
  • Saafi Brothers Ready For The Rise (Prepara)
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms Gryning
  • Bluetech Leaving Winter Behind
  • Shpongle Botanical Dimensions
  • Cell Audio Deepest Night (Live Edit)
  • Solar Fields Sol

[myyoutubeplaylist WnYgdaQSgSI, jkdA779UArg]

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Lyssna på låtarna i Spotify.

  • Antiloop Beauty And The Beast (‘96 Remix)
  • Shamen Re: Evolution (BTP vs. Shamen Vox) [Edit]
  • Shamen Boss Drum (Beatmasters Tribal Buzz)
  • Spacetime Continuum, Terence McKenna Archaic Revival
  • Spacetime Continuum, Terence McKenna Speaking in Tongues
  • Yopo Tribute To Tim Leary
  • Qlap Went Mental In Mexico
  • Doof Lets Turn On
  • Navajo Lets Fungaz
  • Celtic Cross Stargate Avalon
  • Space Tribe, Olli Wisdom Atomic Pow Wow
  • Pete Namlook, Mixmaster Morris Hymn
  • Eat Static Prana
  • Shpongle A New Way To Say Hooray!

[myyoutubeplaylist xvsZMSni7Ts, Mu3eaTDRnTo, 6Bw_2DD3c78, c9IyWrXgN8w, TKoi3zLXHlE, zbCk-6wVBNo, KkXsO2izP7A, OjKg0dHIJYs]

Lyssna på låtarna i Spotify.

Men kom ihåg: Never trust a junkie.

[myyoutubeplaylist 1eX7CnzzapE]