Psycho system

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  • Psycho system Dub War
  • Re-Ignition Bad Brains
  • Take ’em out Downset
  • Age of panic (Git-O-Rama mix) Senser
  • I against I (Single version) Bad Brains
  • Selector Skindred
  • Good Grief Urban Dance Squad
  • Mental Dub War
  • With the quickness Bad Brains
  • Resistance now Senser
  • Pressure Skindred
  • Hurl a stone Downset
  • I and I survive Bad Brains
  • Eject (Over zealous mix) Senser

[myyoutubeplaylist YzsFjW5X6FE, 2snWGhjQZXg, kjITD9LnwRY, AIxVEfI8woU, LIZ3BrvLSqk]


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  • Faith No More Be Aggressive
  • Pantera Walk
  • Pailhead Man Should Surrender
  • 1000 Homo DJs Supernaut
  • Senser Switch
  • Asian Dub Foundation Naxalite
  • Godflesh Spite
  • Nailbomb Religious Cancer [Live]
  • Sepultura Arise
  • Entombed Chief Rebel Angel
  • Anathema J’ai Fait Une Promesse
  • Megadeth Mary Jane
  • Queensrÿche The Needle Lies