Close-Up Magazine Topp 20 2009

Den klassiska hårdrockstidningen Close-Up Magazine har sammanställt sin lista över årets bästa skivor.

Lyssna på låtarna i Spotify.

  1. Mastodon Crack the skye
  2. Candlemass Death magic doom
  3. Alice in Chains Black gives way to blue
  4. Funeral Mist Maranatha
  5. Paradise Lost Faith divides us – death unites us
  6. Propagandhi Supporting Caste
  7. Hatebreed Hatebreed
  8. Hardcore Superstar Beg for it
  9. Gates of Slumber Hymns of blood and thunder
  10. Kreator Hordes of chaos
  11. Converge Axe to fall
  12. Devil’s Blood The time of no time evermore
  13. Wolves in the Throne Room Black cascade
  14. Tribulation The horror
  15. Abandon The dead end
  16. Behemoth Evangelion
  17. Immortal All shall fall
  18. Ghost of a Thousand New hopes, new demonstrations
  19. Megadeth Endgame
  20. Napalm Death Time waits for no slave

Fler Spotifylistor inspirerade av Close-Up Magazine.


Know your enemy

Dagens Spotifylista firar inlägg nummer 300 med politisk musik.

Lyssna på låtarna i Spotify.

  • Know your enemy Rage Against the Machine
  • No spiritual surrender Inside Out
  • Take ’em out Downset
  • Refuse/Resist Sepultura
  • Burn it Refused
  • …And we thought that nation states were a bad idea Propagandhi
  • Life sentence Dead Kennedys
  • Capitalism stole my virginity The (International) Noise Conspiracy
  • If you tolerate this your children will be next Manic Street Preachers
  • The call up The Clash
  • Cardboard box city The Levellers
  • Do they owe us a living? Jeffrey Lewis
  • Music and politics The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
  • Fight the power ’95 Dreadzone
  • Follow like wolves Zion Train
  • This is a collective Consolidated
  • Their law (05 edit) Prodigy
  • Fight the power Public Enemy
  • I never gave up (Rondo mix) Chumbawamba
  • All about Eve Marxman
  • Naxalite Asian Dub Foundation
  • Rodney King Lucky People Center
  • Revolutionary step Looptroop
  • Fite dem back Linton Kwesi Johnson
  • Racist friend The Specials
  • The revolution will not be televised Gill Scott-Heron
  • Water pistol man (Chocolate mix) Spearhead
  • Battle of the Beanfield The Levellers

[myyoutubeplaylist qFXZTYT3-GI, yt3MWql5dys, vW40_FMOG8c, PAheclhqmAw, QK2i8l-GCIQ, ni4d7TD-hNo, mUU1Qb0nZbU, yHMRMXIyKIw, TZJYHZIQtgE, skyzWf-qIa0, 3uKj7Y0HMgM, bzKUanEg5Tw, 8PaoLy7PHwk, p86eXIHymHg, l_wWpsY2zdE, qbqdKUR-eDM, GRf1fv-a9yU, vDOJo9CkuyQ, TfAWutMRhy0, N3YtmBD_thM]