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    Lyssna i Spotify här. Faith No More Be Aggressive Pantera Walk Pailhead Man Should Surrender 1000 Homo DJs Supernaut Senser Switch Asian Dub Foundation Naxalite Godflesh Spite Nailbomb Religious Cancer [Live] Sepultura Arise Entombed Chief Rebel Angel Anathema J’ai Fait Une Promesse Megadeth Mary Jane Queensrÿche The Needle Lies Lyssna i Spotify här.

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    Lyssna i Spotify här. Laibach Tanz Mit Laibach Ministry You Know What You Are Nine Inch Nails Down in It (Shred) Lard Forkboy Soundtrack Version (Explicit) Rammstein Rammstein (Edit) Covenant Ritual Noise Anthony Rother Hacker Einstürzende Neubauten 12305 (Te) Nacht Sven Väth L Esperanza 030 Feat. Dr. Motte Midnight in europe (stop cover mix) Revolting…