Tag: Frankie Goes to Hollywood

  • I skuggan av bomben

    Lyssna på låtarna i Spotify. Killing Joke Wardance U2 Seconds Siouxsie And The Banshees Cities In Dust (Extended Version) Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes Erasure Star Ultravox Dancing With Tears In My Eyes Duran Duran Sound Of Thunder The Clash Stop The World Planet P Project Armageddon Kate Bush Breathing The Vapors Sixty Second […]

  • Covers: Born to run

    Lyssna på låtarna i Spotify. Moneybrother Tåget som går in till stan (Downtown Train) The Pointer Sisters Fire The National Mansion On The Hill (Live) Frankie Goes To Hollywood Born To Run The Winter Blanket Darkness On The Edge Of Town Catherine Feeny I’m On Fire Hem Valentine’s Day Johnny Cash Johnny 99 Camera Obscura […]

  • Warriors of the wasteland

    Lyssna på låtarna i Spotify. Warriors of the wasteland Frankie Goes to Hollywood The watchmen Fields of the Nephilim A storm is going to come Piers Faccini Wasteland The Mission Cities in dust (extended version) Siouxsie and the Banshees Tales of a scorched earth The Smashing Pumpkins Scorched earth policy Far-Less Scorched earth erotica My […]