Sound the Alarm

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  • Bhangra Fever (Piyush Bhatnagar Remix) Midival Punditz
  • Sound the Alarm Thievery Corporation
  • Urgency Frequency Asian Dub Foundation
  • Monsoon Malabar (Remix) Bombay Dub Orchestra
  • Noir Désir Vive La Fête
  • The Road to Damascus Syriana
  • Yeka Sub City Rockers Dub Colossus
  • Radio Unfree Europe Transglobal Underground, Tim Whelan, Gurjit Sihra, Sheema Mukherjee, Hamilton Lee
  • Templeheaded (Chillstep Mix) Transglobal Underground, Daconga & The Kayvman
  • Distant God feat. Leone Talvin Singh

[myyoutubeplaylist MMgyb5t8GF8, c0VwFq3-UI0, GD83OlOGzZ4, Vyg1E2MaJfs]

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Know your enemy

Dagens Spotifylista firar inlägg nummer 300 med politisk musik.

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  • Know your enemy Rage Against the Machine
  • No spiritual surrender Inside Out
  • Take ’em out Downset
  • Refuse/Resist Sepultura
  • Burn it Refused
  • …And we thought that nation states were a bad idea Propagandhi
  • Life sentence Dead Kennedys
  • Capitalism stole my virginity The (International) Noise Conspiracy
  • If you tolerate this your children will be next Manic Street Preachers
  • The call up The Clash
  • Cardboard box city The Levellers
  • Do they owe us a living? Jeffrey Lewis
  • Music and politics The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
  • Fight the power ’95 Dreadzone
  • Follow like wolves Zion Train
  • This is a collective Consolidated
  • Their law (05 edit) Prodigy
  • Fight the power Public Enemy
  • I never gave up (Rondo mix) Chumbawamba
  • All about Eve Marxman
  • Naxalite Asian Dub Foundation
  • Rodney King Lucky People Center
  • Revolutionary step Looptroop
  • Fite dem back Linton Kwesi Johnson
  • Racist friend The Specials
  • The revolution will not be televised Gill Scott-Heron
  • Water pistol man (Chocolate mix) Spearhead
  • Battle of the Beanfield The Levellers

[myyoutubeplaylist qFXZTYT3-GI, yt3MWql5dys, vW40_FMOG8c, PAheclhqmAw, QK2i8l-GCIQ, ni4d7TD-hNo, mUU1Qb0nZbU, yHMRMXIyKIw, TZJYHZIQtgE, skyzWf-qIa0, 3uKj7Y0HMgM, bzKUanEg5Tw, 8PaoLy7PHwk, p86eXIHymHg, l_wWpsY2zdE, qbqdKUR-eDM, GRf1fv-a9yU, vDOJo9CkuyQ, TfAWutMRhy0, N3YtmBD_thM]


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  • Faith No More Be Aggressive
  • Pantera Walk
  • Pailhead Man Should Surrender
  • 1000 Homo DJs Supernaut
  • Senser Switch
  • Asian Dub Foundation Naxalite
  • Godflesh Spite
  • Nailbomb Religious Cancer [Live]
  • Sepultura Arise
  • Entombed Chief Rebel Angel
  • Anathema J’ai Fait Une Promesse
  • Megadeth Mary Jane
  • Queensrÿche The Needle Lies